Ongoing research projects

Acclimation of Humulus lupulus in Brazil: development, physiology and metabolomics
Funding by FAPESP (Regular Research Grant), 2019-2021

Chemical characterization, anticancer activity evaluation and infraspecific activity of secondary metabolites from extracts of bark and leaves from germplasm active banks of pineapple, yellow mombin and imbu
Funding by EMBRAPA, 2017-2021, in collaboration with Dr. Guilherme Zocolo, Embrapa Agroindústria Tropical, Fortaleza, CE

Former research projects

Identification of secondary metabolites in Harpagophytum procumbens extracts that inhibit cyclooxyganeases 1/2 and 5-lypoxygenase expression and/or activities
Funding by FAPESP (Sprint Project), 2018-2019, in collaboration with Prof. W. Folk, University of Missouri, USA

Metabolomics, enzymatic targets and in silico tools in the search of bioactive compounds in plants
Funding by FAPESP (Regular Research Grant), 2016-2018

Morphoanatomical, metabolomic and molecular studies as subsidies to the systematic of Asteraceae species and access to its pharmacological potential
Funding by FAPESP (Thematic Project), 2011-2017 (read our blog)

Application of chemoinformatic tools in the study of natural products against protozoan parasites
Scholarship by CAPES (Professorship at the Universität Münster), 2012-2013

Dereplication, compound library, biological assays and chemoinformatics in the search of compounds with anti-inflammatory activity
Funding by CNPq (Universal), 2010-2012

Chemical and pharmacological potential of species from Asteraceae: in vivo, in vitro and in silico studies
Funding by FAPESP (Regular Research Grant), 2009-2011

Phytochemistry and biological assays of Asteraceae
Funding by CAPES (PROBRAL Project), 2008-2010

Comparative study of glandular trichomes from the aerial and underground parts of two species of Vernonia (Asteraceae)
Funding by FAPESP (Regular Research Grant), 2006-2007, co-participant

Estimation of retention times for reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography of natural compounds
Funding by AvH (Fellowship), 2006

Use of feed forward neural networks in the prediction of 1H NMR chemical shifts of sesquiterpene lactones
Funding by AvH (Fellowship), 2004

Use of neural networks in chemosystematics
Funding by AvH (Fellowship), 2003-2005

Phytochemical investigation of Brazilian species of the genus Viguiera (Asteraceae) using trichome microsampling
Funding by FAPESP (Research Internship Abroad), 1998

Chemotaxonomy of species of Viguiera and implementation of the trichome microsampling technique
Funding by FAPESP (Regular Research Grant), 1997-2002