Our laboratory has adequate infrastructure for research, including the following items:
  • chemicals, organic solvents, adsorbents, glassware, etc.
  • equipments: CG (Agilent), HPLC (analytical and semi-preparative, Shimadzu), Chromatotron (Harrison Research), High Speed Counter Current Chromatography (HSCCC), MilliQ, etc.
  • Thermo Scientific Accela UHPLC and Exactive Plus Orbitrap MS for plant metabolomics
  • private area for in vitro bioassays

Research on chemoinformatics is carried out in a separate environment containing the following infrastructure: 
  • computers (Linux and Windows OS)
  • full network access 
  • scientific books 
  • free, open source and proprietary software for structure drawing, property calculation, 3D structure generation, energy minimization, data mining, data base generation and statistical analysis
  • academic licenses for: SIMCA-P, The Unscrambler X, Hyperchem, Spartan, Dragon, MOE, Marvin, etc.
Facilities in the Campus-USP, Ribeirão Preto, also include equipment for IR, NMR and LC-MS analysis.
research laboratory